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October 16, 2017 Event

Skeleton Key Brewery

Craft beer is all about discovering and experiencing the endless ways in which four simple ingredients come together

to create imaginative new brews. It’s all about appreciating the brewers before us who perfected the process.

And it’s all about learning how to tweak that process and develop new recipes to make the beers we want to drink today.

It’s what Skeleton Key Brewery is all about

Registration is now open

If you want to check out Skeleton Key in advance they will be at the Villa Park Brewfest! 

The first annual Villa Park Brewfest takes place on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

Hosted by Shoeless Joe's Ale House & Grille in Addison, our July event occured on Monday April 17th, 7:30 pm. Since 1989, Shoeless Joe’s Ale House & Grille - has been owned and operated by Joe Macchitelli & family.  Over the years, Shoeless Joe’s has transformed into one of Chicagoland’s top rated Sports bars. 

Find Shoeless Joe's Ale House & Grille at 1480 W Lake St, Addison, IL 60101

Summer 2017 Event winner

Ray Graham Association

Congratulations to winning charity, the Ray Graham Association, presented by Hops for Humanity member John Jevitz. Benefiting their group home in Villa Park, the Hops for Humanity donation will be used to help 'Empower those with Disabilities'.  

Thanks to Yoli Alvin for presenting The Alyssa Alvin Foundation for Hope and Jeff Budgell for presenting the Elmhurst Centre for Performing Arts. It was great to learn more about those organizations.

Hosted by Shoeless Joe's Ale House & Grille in Addison, our July event occurred on Monday April 17th. Since 1989, Shoeless Joe’s Ale House & Grille - has been owned and operated by Joe Macchitelli & family.  

Michael Dallas was a great host, donating four fine craft brews from his Scorched Earth Brewing Co. 

Be sure to check out all of our previous winners on our Charity Page!!

New Local Charity Membership option

Local Charities may now directly join Hops for Humanity! What does this mean for you?

  • Just like all our members, your charity must commit to an annual (4X) membership
  • You may designate one your members to represent you by attending and participating at our quarterly events
  • Charity members may elect to rotate your representatives to allow different members to participate at our various events
  • Your representative should be prepared to present your Charity to the Hops for Humanity membership if your Charity is selected
  • If you'd like to increase your odds, sign up for multiple memberships and encourage your members to join, as well!

Everyone Votes!

All paying attendees (guests)will be able to vote for the nominated charities.  

Thorough our first 11 events, we have raised over $11,500 for local 501c3 charities. 

Join us at our next even to experience the incredible feeling of selecting a local deserving charity that can receive up to $10,000!  At each event, our prior event winner presents how they are using our funds to make a difference in their organization. Remember 100% of attendees $100 donation has gone directly to the winning charity! 

Bring along your spouse, family members and friends!

*Nomination of charities is still only available to committed Hops for Humanity members.  A committed Member is an individual that commits to paying for four consecutive events. 

Raise up to $10,000.00 for your favorite local charity while drinking beer!

Hops for Humanity is looking for committed members to nominate their favorite qualifying charity to win up to $10,000.00 at our next event will be held on Monday July 17th at Shoeless Joe's Ale House & Grille, in Addison, with beer provided by Scorched Earth Brewing Co.

Membership and charity guidelines can be found on the following pages of our site:

  Membership    Charity Guidelines

See you then, and cheers!

Patrick T. Sheehan | Founder

What is Hops for Humanity?

Hops for Humanity is a group of dedicated local men and women who gather together four times a year to raise money for greater Chicagoland charities while drinking unique craft beer from local breweries. Hops for Humanity is a 501(c)(3) charity recognized by the IRS, and is a simple and fun way to raise money.

Hops for Humanity members gather quarterly at a local restaurant or brewery to select and benefit a local charity. Our goal is to recruit a minimum of 100 members, with each member committed to donate $100 at each event. Once membership is achieved, a winning charity will receive a minimum of $10,000. Multipied by four events per year and, Hops for Humanity members will donate a minimum of $40,000 annually to local charities!

Your donation is completely tax deductible and, will make a big difference to local charities. Importantly, you will get to taste unique or reserve beer from a brewery that you may have never heard of before. All in the company of local members who are focused on doing good in the community. Our meetings will be brief , lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Of course, you are free to stay after the meeting and enjoy the company of your fellow Hops for Humanity members.

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When you donate $100 to a charity, you wonder if you're making a difference. But when 100 people donate $100 at the same time, they raise $10,000  for a worthy cause. That's impact.

No volunteering, no telemarketing, no event planning, no silent auction donations to solicit. Simply a great way to give back right in our own community. Come join us

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  • You want to help those in need, but cannot personally commit a lot of time or resources;
  • You want to increase the dollar impact of your own generous contribution by pooling it with others; 
  • You want virtually 100% of your donation to go directly to local charities.

And all you need to do is give $100 and one hour of your time four times a year.

Join us

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